Struggle with Anxiety

Just wanted to write a quick message to say thank you for the support at headspace. I have been to the headspace centre in qld and also have visited eheadspace online a few times and can't believe the support when I look back at my mini journey through anxiety and depression over the past year.

I've gained professional advice and support through a free service that has helped me so much from the beginning right up until now where i'm in a place where I am still finding things hard at times but have began to really move forward. Everytime I log on to eheadspace I gain a fresh perspective on my situation and always walk away feeling better about myself, not alone and understood and i also usually take away a bit of motivation to keep moving forward which is amazing considering how crappy I feel before logging on.

I just think that this is the best gift to children/teenagers and young adults for support when they have no1 to turn to or are scared about getting help from loved ones in fear of being judged. It is support at your finger tips & I think if I hadn't found you guys through my own research then I would have spent a lot of money and most likely would not have the chance to have this on-going support which has been so meaningful to me. I hope this organization grows and maybe in the future can be used by adults aswell (if it hasn't already). Thank you so much! xx

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