its a few months now that i have been chatting to headspace online and through emails. headspace have really helped me out with family problems, when i felt like it was all getting too much and every day was just another fight, another family war about to begin again. they showed me ways of dealing with this and ways to remove myself from the situation. when i have had trouble with friends at school, they helped with ways to show friends how i was feeling and ways to help myself when my friends were to busy to see what was going on. when i was being bullied headspace gave me tips and ways of not letting the bulling get to me and ways to stop and block out the bullies.

headspace have helped a lot. things are not yet great but everything is starting to look bright again. there was a time in life were i though everything was just too hard and felt like giving up. but headspace had given me some links and sites to have a look and read, and given me ways to let my parents in on whats been going on because i would never tell them before. headspace are always there to listen to my problems and worries and always have an answer, a friendly response. life is starting to seem worth living again and i have had a smile on my face for the first time in weeks. thank-you headspace team. i dont know where life I would be at with out you all :) your doing an amazing job!!! 

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