If life becomes overwhelming, know that headspace is a safe space for you to talk about everything you’re going through. We help young people from the LGBTIQA+ community all over Australia get the support they need.

Finding your safe space

For many young people, it can be a really challenging experience figuring out who you are. Often this means exploring your gender identity and sexuality, which can lead to overwhelming and uncomfortable feelings. This is why it’s important to have a safe space to feel like you can be your full and true self. 

Having people around you who are accepting of you and understand what you’re going through can help your headspace as you learn more about yourself. It can also be incredibly empowering and uplifting to hear the stories of others who identify as LGBTIQA+ and have experienced many of the things you’re going through now. It’s also important to remember you’re not alone that there’s a strong LGBTIQA+ community to embrace and support you. 

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For some people, exploring their sexuality or gender can feel daunting.

It’s important to remember that there is a strong LGBTIQA+ community to embrace and support you. 

If you’re finding it hard to cope and your social, work or school life are being affected, then it’s time to ask for help.

Getting help early can reduce the effects of mental health challenges and prevent more serious issues developing in the future.

headspace have a number of resources that you can explore. 


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Gender identity

Gender identity is how you perceive your gender, how you show this to others, and how you want others to treat you.

Understanding sexuality

Sexuality is about how you see and express yourself romantically and sexually.

Family and friends

If you’re supporting a young person as they question their gender identity or sexuality, it’s important to increase your understanding and knowledge.

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Coming Out and Inviting In

Coming Out or as we like to frame it “Inviting In” about your sexuality or gender identity is a different experience for everyone. For some it can be an easy and positive experience and for others it may not be. 

Gender and sexuality

 Exploring or questioning your sexuality and gender is a normal and healthy part of growing up Feeling different, pressured to fit in, unsupported or embarrassed about your sexuality or gender identity can be stressful and have an effect on your overall mental health and wellbeing.


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