headspace In-School Bully Prevention Program

headspace In-School Bully Prevention Program at Worawa Aboriginal Girls School

headspace National teamed up with the Supré Foundation to develop the headspace Bullying Education and Prevention Resource Kit, which aims to educate young people on bullying prevention and how to be assertive against bullying behaviour.

The resource kit includes 6 modules on bullying education. Each one is designed to be delivered as a workshop to secondary school students. We are excited to have started offering the program to schools in the outer-east.

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Last week we got to run the program at Worawa Aboriginal Girls School. We got to spend the day with all the girls at the school running sessions with the support of teachers and well-being staff. 

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We covered types of bulling, how to respond, the roles of bystanders and how to be mentors and messengers of the anti-bullying message. The girls came up with slogans and messages around kindness, looking after each other and a positive school culture.

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One of the many beautiful messages written by the girls was:

"Sisters stand with love as one, like our yellow sun.
We spread love not hate,
Even when we are from a different territory or state.
No hate of different shapes or colour.
Just love for each other"

They created beautiful anti bullying messages and artworks which will go up on a kindness wall at the school to remind them how they want to treat each other, and the kind of school environment they would like to foster. 

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Thanks for having us Worowa, and we look forward to rolling out more workshops across the Outer East.

If your school would like the program email us info@headspaceknox.com.au  or click here 

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The headspace Bullying Education and Prevention Resource Kit has been written by Professor Donna Cross, Australia’s leading bullying prevention academic, and her team from the Telethon Kids Institute.

The Supré Foundation and headspace acknowledge the Telethon Kids Institute for creating this workshop and Hawker Brownlow Education for allowing the use of the Friendly Schools resources in its development.

To find out more about the Supré Foundation, click here.

To find out more about the Telethon Kids Institute, click here.