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Congratulations to Cassidy – our newest “Goldfields Girl Ambassador”.

07 May 2019

We visited the Goldfields Girl program twice during their 2 week program. 

This professional and personal development project is about empowering young indigenous women by giving them the skills, tools, knowledge and confidence to forge their own individual successful future pathways.

Kira Fong, the founder of the program stated:- “Goldfields Girl is about leadership. It is about giving young women the tools to realise their potential, to empower them in their endeavours, to give them the confidence to dream big and reach for the stars. Goldfields Girl is about giving participants the wings to fly.”

On our first meeting with the girls, we introduced headspace and what services we provide. On the second visit we attended as part of their training and education forum at the Goldfields Art Centre.

The winner of the program was recently announced and congratulations to all of our participants and especially Cassidy on becoming our newest “Goldfields Girl Ambassador”.