BTS: Beth's Magnificent Mural

20 Jul 2022
POZO4896 Edited 1

Towards the end of 2021, headspace Canberra announced that they would be dedicating a space within the centre that volunteers and young people could use freely as a place for expression. I immediately proposed a mural and when headspace accepted my offer, my head flooded with excitement.

My journey with headspace Canberra has been a long one. As both a client and a volunteer of many years, I have grown alongside headspace, slowly realising the person I was meant to become. When I was granted the opportunity to create this mural, I felt thrilled knowing I’d be able to give back and leave my mark on the place that had supported me for so many years, but I was also terrified that I wouldn’t do it justice.

It took a few attempts before we solidified the design. It took longer still for me to feel confident enough to work on the wall but once I started, I couldn’t stop. Visiting the centre so often, seeing familiar faces light up every time they saw the brushstrokes of colour I’d added, it became the most rewarding experience for me.  

The weight of the global crises that have occurred these past few years have greatly affected my journey into adolescence. At times it can be hard to find meaning within my contributions, but this mural has rekindled my love for art and has made me feel like I’ve left a monumental impact on a space that will foster youth advocacy for many years to come.