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IDAHOBIT: Not Out by still Proud

11 May 2020

Let’s talk IDAHOBIT and being Out. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that I am not alone in being
stuck in stealth mode during this year's IDAHOBIT. Being out to so many people, but not the ones I live
with is really being shoved in my face right about now. Seeing people being out and proud during
IDAHOBIT is a bit of an extra kick too. So, I want to tell everyone that you are just as queer as you
believe you are, even if you’re the only person that knows it. You don’t have to be out if it’s not the time; if
it’s not safe; if it’s just not what you want. IDAHOBIT is just as much for you as it is for those that are loud
and proud. I have spent so many IDAHOBIT’s and pride days feeling like they weren’t for me because I
wasn’t trans or queer enough if I wasn’t out. I’m telling me, and anyone that needs to hear it that, no, they
are for us, these days are for every queer person because we all deserve a world where we can be
ourselves freely. IDAHOBIT is a day where the world recognises that discrimination against our
community still occurs, to those that are out and proud and to those that are not. It’s a day where we can
stand together, even if it’s just through our screens. It’s also a day that reminds those outside of our
community that there is still work to be done for us. I also want to say that although the day focuses on
ridding our community of the negatives, of the discrimination and pain that is experienced, we don’t have
to fall into that negativity. We can call for equality and freedom in expression and identity whilst feeling
good in ourselves. The suffering narrative is not all we are. We are so many more amazing things. On
IDAHOBIT I want everyone to know that you are enough, you are queer enough, you are trans enough,
you are you enough. I’m supporting you from here, waving my pride flag in my head for all of us. I may be
in stealth mode but that doesn’t mean this day isn’t for me and I’m still fighting for myself and everyone in
this amazing, rainbow-filled community for a world that embraces us as we are.

–A fellow queer, non-binary babe in stealth mode (member of the Youth Advisory Group at headspace Hawthorn)