Festival 21 - Fantastic and free opportunity for young people

We've become aware of an awesome opportunity for you to take part in something truly special.

Check it out.

f21y is an unprecedented free event where 1000+ young minds will learn how to create social change from established global leaders, social entrepreneurs, and media personalities - towards a future that is bright, healthy, and sustainable.

Featuring guest speakers, Simon Griffiths (founder of Who Gives A Crap), Lucy and Rosie Thomas (founders of Project Rockit), and Kevin Sheedy (former footballer and coach of the greatest football team in the world), the event is for anyone aged between 16 and 30 and is completely free!

It's on Friday December 11th from midday to 5pm at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

Although it's free, you still need to get on over to the website and reserve a spot for yourself.

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