Qclinic Free Sexual Health Check-up

Q Clinic services are taking a little break while we navigate coronavirus - stay up to date with more info from our Facebook page 


Are you wanting to talk to someone about sexual health?

Every 2nd Thursday, a nurse from the Wide Bay Sexual Health QClinic are available at our headspace centre. If you are sexually active or have questions around contraception and safe sex, come in for a chat.

The QClinic nurses are happy to meet with you, offer advice and information and discuss the best options for a health check-up. All visits are free and confidential and you do not have to be an existing client of headspace to attend.

To make an appointment please talk with one of our staff, or call Qclinic on 4150 2754, we do need a name for the booking, but that could just be your initials if you are shy. 

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