Drug and Alcohol Counsellor: Karla Smith

Karla 1resized

Tell us a little about the work you do with young people at headspace?

I’m here every Thursday! I come from The Lyndon Community Drug and Alcohol Service, based in Orange. My work is around general alcohol and other drug counselling, support and information, and linking young people in with services that will help them meet their goals. We can talk through what it might look like if things are getting out of control, and how you might stop this from happening. My work here is a safe space free from judgement. It’s a space to share concerns and ask questions.

If you had a super power what would it be?

This is the hardest question! I thought of so many, then I googled ‘best superpowers’, then discussed with all the brilliant peoples at headspace Bathurst. No ideas. I would love to fly, love to have chat with my cat, love to breathe underwater. Then I realised I have a superpower anyways. I’m a woman, so I can do anything. Sorry boys.

How do you look after your headspace?

I think looking after our own headspace is very important, and very unique to every one of us. We need to find something special, whether it be sport, music, art, food, or anything and practice it until it’s our very own exclusive way of taking care of us. Self-care is vital to survive in this wide world! And cake too, probably.

How would you approach a friend if you were worried that their drinking or drug use was impacting on their daily life?

Importantly, it's good for them to know you’re simply available and care. When people are experiencing bad times they can isolate themselves making it difficult for you to keep up the friendship. Making sure you’re available, without judgement or criticism, can be a good way to get the conversation going. Talking about what’s going on for them, and listening without interrupting or offering solutions (as hard as that can be!), will give people the confidence to possibly seek further help.

If you’ve got any questions about alcohol and other and drugs, for yourself or friends, drop in and have a chat.