hYLITE Centre: Mentor Profile: Ronnie


Tell us a little about why you decided to become a hYLITE mentor?

When I saw the advertisement posted on the CSU psychology forum I realised that by becoming a hYLITE mentor, it would be an ideal way to gain industry relevant experience in not only a professional setting, but also a rewarding one. I believed that by working with the young people that attend the hYLITE centre, I could make a small, but significant positive contribution to their educational and vocational outcomes.

What is a day at headspace like for you?

When I arrive on Tuesday morning at the hYLITE centre, I am usually there before the students. During this time, I prepare for the day ahead by becoming informed of how many students will be attending on the particular day and what work they need to complete. When the students come in, I offer assistance with their school work. If the students do not require assistance with their school work, I role model to the students how to effectively study and maintain focus on my own university work. I also offer encouragement and reinforce positive thinking all within a context of mindfulness.

How do you look after your mental health?

I believe that one of the keys to good mental health that I utilise frequently is to take a moment out of each day for myself. I use this time to do something that makes me happy. Usually in my case it is to spend half an hour playing a video game or to watch an episode of one of my favourite television shows. Doing something by myself that makes me happy at least once a day allows me to put aside the issues and assignments that are on my mind and just breathe.

What is your preferred way of approaching a friend in need who looks sad or down?

If I notice that one of my friends is feeling down or is not themselves I will usually try and do something with them that we would normally do together that makes them happy. For instance, we might go out for lunch or go and see a movie. By doing this, it allows my friend to feel that even though there may something getting them down, there are still aspects of their life that are normal. This also provides them the opportunity to be with me alone and to feel comfortable if they want to talk about their troubles or if they just want to be with a friend.