Exam and Study Stress

31 Oct 2018
Managing Exam Stress DRAFT2

Managing Exam Stress

headspace Albany offering support for young people to help manage the stress of the end of year exams and assignments

Monday Mindfulness:
the weekly session of practical stress management strategies in the Mindfulness timeslot of Monday 3:45-4:30pm. No Booking required. Anyone can come along to this and you can bring a friend!

One-off individual sessions:
This session will help to identify issues related to exams and end of year study stress and identify strategies for young people to put in place. This session can also involve family members, where exam stress is impacting the whole family or causing conflict, or where family members want advice about how to help their young person.Non-study issues identified at this time can be addressed but not until after the exam period is over. This may involve other headspace staff beside those assisting with the Exam and Assignment stress Program

To attend Exam Stress Mindfulness, no booking is necessary, simply come along. We do ask that you arrive a few minutes early, and be ready to start at 3.45.

For an Individual/family Stress Management session, contact headspace Albany on 9842 9871, and ask to book an exam stress session.

All these sessions are at no cost.