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lavinia, 14, discusses bullying

31 Aug 2018
Charlotte and I are best friends. We were like sisters. We would tell each other everything, we would do everything together. We went to an all girls school. She had a boyfriend and he went to the boys school next door.

I was really happy. I told Charlotte, she was my bff, and I didn't think it would do much, plus I told her not to tell anyone. Charlotte told her boyfriend, I didn’t mind at the time and neither did my boyfriend. About a week later, I came to school and the girls in my year were giving me dirty looks and whispering behind my back. I heard rumours being spread and people were calling me a “slut”, “whore”, “dirty bitch”, etc.

It got to me so much. The next day I found out that Charlotte and her boyfriend were spreading these rumours about my boyfriend and I. I was so angry! Guys were shouting ''Gobby'' (blowjob) at me and my boyfriend. It all got too much and I started harming myself. I didn’t tell anyone, but it got out to a few people. I saw my school psychologist and she stopped the bullying. It got a lot better.

This happened about a month ago. Since then, Charlotte and I still don't talk, and my boyfriend and I didn’t work out because of all the bullying. We are better as friends.

Now I'm all good and I realise that, even though the bullying was bad and it got all too much, hurting myself was a bad idea. It only gets rid of the pain for a little while, but it took me a long time to realise it.