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georgia, 14, discusses anxiety

31 Aug 2018
I walked into High School feeling confident, I thought I had dealt with being bullied on my own - I hadn't...I was badly bullied all through Primary School, and when I graduated Primary School I was excited to start fresh in High School.

Over the next month or so, I was having daily panic attacks and sometimes I had to leave the classroom because they were so bad. I decided to go and see my doctor about it who just said that it could be a bit of Anxiety because I was in a new place; it may go away when I have settled into my new school.

But it didn’t settle down and the panic attacks continued. This left me feeling very depressed, I constantly felt tired and sick. Every day, I would come home from school and sleep until the next because I was so exhausted. I was too exhausted to study and when I got my first high school report card, I saw that I was failing some of my subjects, so I went back to my doctor who diagnosed me with Anxiety and Depression and referred me to a Psychologist.

After a few visits, I didn’t really feel like she was doing anything for me so I stopped seeing her. I then found out about headspace, I made an appointment and when I went to my first session and felt really comfortable talking to my Counsellor; they were really helpful and I began going every fortnight. I learnt a lot of really helpful strategies during my sessions and these helped to control my anxiety during school and social situations.

After eight sessions with my counsellor, I was feeling really confident in handling my Anxiety. I finished my first year of high school with the best report card I had ever gotten!

I am really thankful for the fact that my school was really supportive and I have some amazing friends who helped me get through this really tough time. At the moment, I am feeling really good about myself and am managing my Anxiety really well. I am looking forward to the future with a positive outlook.

I never thought that the bullying would affect me so much. I was wrong. If you are being bullied tell someone about it. I wish I did before it was too late. Also, if you are depressed or feeling really anxious, just remember that you are not alone, there are people out there that can help you get through it. You don’t have to live like this.