emerald, 19, encourages young people to seek help

This post contains information about depression and suicide, which may be distressing for readers. If you, or someone you know is going through a tough time contact your nearest headspace centre.

elvis talks about getting in a healthy headspace

I’ve been knocked down time and time again, but perseverance has a way of shining through.

domina talks about getting in a healthy headspace

I experienced mental health issues at a young age and it was amplified from trauma I faced in my late teens. I realised I needed help and started reaching out with the support of my school and friends at the peak of when thing were tough. After getting help from the school counsellor, I was initially very hesitant to seek help from outside of them – it suddenly made it all too real and serious, and really felt like something was wrong with me.

connor, 20, embraces his queer identity

Growing up with the idea that you might be queer in the back of your mind is never easy. The social pressures and fears associated opens your psyche up to a multitude of other mental health issues, resulting in so many queer youth suffering from anxiety and depression as I did, and still do to this day.

claire, vic, discusses helplessness

Early February 2009 the news of bushfires was startling real. We could smell it, taste it, the mountains surrounding the LaTrobe Valley crawled with thick black clouds of smoke, ash fell from the sky, the moon reflected frightening shades of orange and red, and the days passed slowly, long summer hours that closed in around us.

anna flanagan, shares why she's supporting headspace day

I was brought up in a sporting family, and was born-and-bred to play for Australia! I always exceeded in hockey and identified nationally to play when I was 14. I had a rapid rise to the top, debuting at 18, fulfilling a lifetime dream. I always wanted to be the best in the world, and I put immense pressure on myself to be perfect.

amelia, 18, talks to headspace about study stress

a narrative of remaining mentally well in order to perform well resulted in increased anxiety and feelings of being worthless, which was connected to poor performance. The academic pressures compromised my wellbeing, which resulted in a relapse of anxiety and depression and became the greatest barrier to my study.

adry, 20, talks access to headspace services

I am 20 years old and a proud member of the headspace Bondi Junction Youth Reference Group. I am of Indonesian background and my family and I are long-tenured residents of the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.